Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter Damage 2

The frosts were harder at my family home in the Co Derry countryside, where I suspect lows were closer to the Castlederg figures - probably in the -16C to -18C range.

Even Trachycarpus fortunei (pictured) succumbed here. The centre spears of this plant pulled out with only a slight tug and it looks very much as though 3 of the 4 plants in the garden are dead. The fourth is the tallest (15ft) and is planted on a slope, close to an even taller hedge, which may have given it some protection.

Musa basjoo and cordylines were also destroyed here and large clumps of New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) have collapsed. There is little sign of life, even in the more robust green form (pictured below)

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hellsmagpie said...

Sorry to hear how badly you were hit, but it was not just N Ireland, the whole of the UK was hit badly.
I live near Bridgwater in Somerset. There is hardly a live phormium to be seen, cordylines have also been reduced by 99%.
I have been growing tropical plants for 40 years and have had Dyckias, Aloes, Agaves and Aechmeas outside with no problem until last winter now most are dead. Even most Chamaerops humilis growing poiints were killed. The leaves were green, but just pull out or went brown once sun got to them end March.
I had Aechmea benrathii on Trachycarpus growing all over the stems, flowered each year and looked marvelous. Now all gone.
I have spent two weeks now clearing dead plants out of my garden and greenhouse, and as spring gets under way, more seem to keel over each day. We won't know full extent of this until end of year.
good luck to you, and I hope next wintwer is not so bad.